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USPS® Mobile Service Gives Marketers an Edge

May 4, 2016
Author: Bill Bonato

The U.S. Post Office (USPS) is getting in the digital game with Informed DeliveryTM, a notification service that sends emails to customers with images of the mail they’ll find in their mailbox each day. 

Megan J. Brennan, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the Postal Service,...

3D Printing Possibilities for USPS

October 20, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

The US Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) just released a new White Paper that encourages the USPS to “associate itself with 3D printing in the minds of the public." 3D printing has become a key part of strategic plans by other logistic companies including UPS. The postal...

Neopost Saves Make-A-Wish Volunteer’s Time

September 21, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

Most non-profits utilize teams of volunteers to help with the time consuming stuffing of envelopes for mass fundraising mailings, but Make-A-Wish decided that it was worth spending the money and save volunteers’ time to work with a Neopost Folder/Inserter. With the machine stuffing envelopes...

The Delivery Revolution in Your Neighborhood

August 27, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

We are living in the age of the “delivery revolution.” Businesses are positioning themselves to deliver goods where and when customers want them. Order nearly anything anywhere and the Postal Service can deliver the item in a reasonable timeframe at a reasonable price.  I received an...

The Internet of Postal Things

August 19, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

Imagine ordering groceries and having them delivered to a mailbox that signs for them, monitors and controls temperature to prevent spoilage, and alerts you that your food has been safely delivered. Meet the connected mailbox.

Sounds like something George Jetson and his family might have,...

Coming to US Warehouses: “Smart Glass “ Eyewear

August 19, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

Augmented reality may become a practical tool for the shipping and mailing industry. A test using “smart glass” eyewear to visually pick packages and route them quickly will take place later this year.  The pilot program is projected to increase a 25% increase in efficiency during the picking...

The Post Office is the Only Game in Town on Sundays

August 6, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

An innovative concept helps the USPS quickly deliver parcels on Sundays in NYC.  If you think New York City slows down on Sundays, think again. That’s why the Postal Service is using an innovative technique to quickly deliver Sunday packages to customers in the city.

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New Rural Postal Act

July 15, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

With the media's attention focused on new mailing technology innovations, such as parcel lockers for urban dwellers, rural residents are being overlooked for new innovations and improvements in basic delivery services from the USPS.

“Mail is a critical lifeline in rural America, and all North...