3D Printing Possibilities for USPS

October 20, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

The US Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) just released a new White Paper that encourages the USPS to “associate itself with 3D printing in the minds of the public." 3D printing has become a key part of strategic plans by other logistic companies including UPS. The postal opportunities in adapting 3D printing capabilities now are clearly outlined by the OIG: 

Simply put, 3D printing will fundamentally change where and when products will be produced, stored, and ultimately delivered. Supply chains will collapse in distance and time as manufacturing is performed as quickly and as close to the point of consumption as possible. More consumers may come to expect same-day delivery, possibly even early morning and late evening delivery. There will be heightened activity in the last mile from localized production, so speed on that final track will be essential. In such an environment, the location and size of delivery base stations will also be critical.”

Click here to download the OIG White Paper.

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