Breathing Room In Your Budget – Reduce Postage Costs

May 5, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

This article,  which appears in the May issue of Mailing Technology Magazine, is designed to be a high level resource guide on different ways to save money around mail. With all of the programs offered by the USPS, it can be daunting to know if you are capturing all of the savings available. This guide will give you a simple way to know what options exist and where you can go to get more information.  We are going to focus on the most applicable domestic savings options that should be easy to implement in your organization. For many of you this may be a review, but hopefully the structure will make it easy to find savings that can help reduce costs for the future.

*Adam Lewenberg, CMDSS, MDC, President of Postal Advocate Inc., runs the largest Mail Audit and Recover firm in the United States. 

**Authors Note:  The USPS has proposed a small increase for May 31 2015 that at the time this article was written had not yet been approved and was not included in the rates below.