DIM Weight Resources Just in Time for the Holiday Shipping Season

October 20, 2015
Author: Katie Conigliaro

Confused about DIM weight pricing? Not to worry, www.DimWeightResources.com is full of resources to help you take the load off DIM weight.

The DIM website makes it easy for shoppers to calculate the best possible shipping rates and prepare to neutralize surcharges likely to be implemented during the holiday season. Highlights include:

  • A DIM weight calculator that allows you to compare carrier poundage.
  • Videos with tips on packaging and services to help you save money.
  • Access to upcoming webinars with the latest updates and tips.
  • Helpful guides for easy reference. 

According to Christopher M. O’Brien, Neopost USA’s Executive Vice President, Communication and Shipping Solutions, “The 2015 holiday season will likely see the highest volume of shipments ever, and every shipper – a business or an individual – will have to adhere to the new reality of DIM Weight.”

In 2015, UPS and FedEx shifted to dimensional (DIM) weight pricing for all packages. This change has substantial ramifications for shippers in terms of increased costs and the potential need to re-engineer business processes.