New 2019 Certified Mail ® Costs

February 5, 2019
Author: Caroline McManus

Get up to speed on the new postal rates for USPS Certified Mail, and learn how you can save money as a small business. 


What are the new Certified Mail prices? 

Under the new USPS postal rates, it costs a total of $6.85 to send a First-Class letter as Certified Mail with a hard copy Return Receipt. This breaks down to $0.55 for the stamp, $3.50 for Certified Mail and $2.80 for hard copy Return Receipt. Phew! This may seem like a lot just to send a Certified Mail piece, but there are a couple of ways your business can lower these costs.


How much does the change cost? 

*Rates above are effective January 27, 2019


What are some tips to save on Certified Mail?

The best way to save is to use a meter! That's because it's easier for the USPS to deliver metered mail, which is why this year's rate increase is such a win for small businesses! Meter users get a 9 percent discount on postage, making the cost of that First-Class letter you're sending only $.50. Unfortunately, there is no way to decrease the cost of Certified Mail® but you can almost half the price of the Return Receipt by using electronic Return Receipt. Electronic Return Receipt users pay only $1.60 instead of $2.80 for each hard copy return receipt. This adds up to savings of $1.20 on every Return Receipt. 

Save on Certified Mail:

  1. Use a meter and save 9 percent on postage
  2. Opt for electronic instead of hard copy Return Receipt to save $1.20

To learn more about how your business can save by sending electronic Certified Mail, visit our ConnectSuite e-Certify webpage


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