October 4, 2016

New USPS® Flat Rate Boxes for Shipping Valuables

Author: Renee Bingling


If you’ve ever had to pack and ship a laptop, tablet, or phone, then you know the anxiety of hoping it gets to its destination securely. You can now breathe a sigh of relief, as the U.S. Postal Service™ now offers business customers the new Priority Mail Flat Rate® Precious Cargo Boxes™, which are designed to securely ship valuable items. Customers are able to securely and reliable ship their valuable items with three new Priority Mail Flat Rate Precious Cargo Boxes™ options. The Postal Service began a pilot test on September 1, 2016, which will last for approximately six months. The boxes can be purchased at the USPS’s online postal store, during the pilot and further availability will be determined after the test has been completed.

Customers using the new Priority Mail Flat Rate Precious Cargo Boxes™ will be charged Priority Mail Flat Rate® postage and will also be charged an additional $6.99 for the small box, $12.99 for the medium box, and $15.99 for the large box.


These boxes cannot be used for damaged or defective “recalled” devices unless specifically approved by USPS Manager, Product Classification. If you have any questions, please contact ShippingServices@usps.gov. Images of the Priority Mail Flat Rate Precious Cargo Boxes™.




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