Signs and Symptoms of Inefficient Document Processes

July 7, 2015
Author: Katie Conigliaro

Inefficient document processes are stressful.

The speed and accuracy with which you process invoices, contracts, statements, reminders, marketing material, and other customer communications can have a major impact on everything from cash flow, new business generation, to brand perception and customer satisfaction. In many businesses the signs of inefficient document processes are clear to see:

  • Piles of paperwork and banks of filing cabinets
  • Staff tied up doing repetitive tasks
  • Slow response times
  • Delays and bottlenecks in document processing
  • High levels of human error
  • Lost and misfiled documents
  • Duplication of effort
  • Low levels of customer service
  • Poor data security

All the above indicate inefficient processes often caused by reliance on time-consuming manual processes and old, unproductive technology. The consequences can be far-reaching and include:

  • Low staff morale
  • Dissatisfied internal and external customers
  • Higher costs
  • Reduced competitiveness
  • Fines and penalties for non-compliance.

Any company that uses manual processes to collate documents, fill envelopes, apply labels, sort mail, calculate the correct postage and open incoming mail is wasting time and money. And any company that relies solely on paper-based processes is missing an opportunity to enhance productivity through electronic communications and digital workflows.

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