Simplify the Preparation of Customer Communications

May 3, 2016
Author: Katie Conigliaro

New! Neopost has launched OMS-500, a browser-based software solution that allows users to manage important customer communications easily and securely in different media.  OMS-500 gives you complete control over print and digital document delivery at a time when organizations of all sizes operate under pressure to improve the “customer experience”.

OMS-500 operates on the award-winning GMC Software platform which provides the highest level of performance and scalability. It also integrates with Satori Software to provide presort capabilities and ensures customer contact data integrity. The result? OMS-500 processes documents at high speeds for increased efficiency while optimizing postal costs and reducing addressing errors that help eliminate undeliverable mail and the costs of reprinting documents.

  • Access and use content to create engaging documents
  • Communicate with your customers via the channel they prefer
  • Integrated with Satori Software to provide address correction and presort capabilities, to avoid undeliverable mail and optimize your postal costs
  • User-friendly interface allows non-technical business users to re-purpose data and enrich documents in just a few clicks.

"OMS-500 adds an unprecedented level of content and delivery control, efficiency and integrity to the mailing process in just a few clicks. Company IT professionals will appreciate the ease at which OMS-500 can integrate with existing corporate and mail center environments. OMS-500 is a valuable solution for businesses of any size which seek fully automated message flow management for critical customer communications.”  -Christopher M. O’Brien, Neopost USA’s Executive Vice President of Communication and Shipping Solutions.