October 17, 2016

The Holiday Shipping Guide for Small Businesses

How to Manage Increasing Package Volume and Customer Expectations

No time of the year is more critical for retailers than the holidays. Research by the National Retail Federation shows that the stakes are high as more than 40% of holiday purchases are made online. While the holiday season presents a major opportunity to maximize revenue, businesses are faced with the challenges of preparing for and managing the delivery and return of an increase in shipments. 

While the busyness of the holiday season often throws curveballs that are out of our control, there are many anticipated scenarios that can be best handled through proper planning.  

Download our guide to get tips on jumpstarting your holiday shipping, handling dimensional weight shipping and practical ways to improve your customer's holiday shipping experience. The headaches of holiday shipping do not end on December 25, so we have also included tips on creating a return and exchange policy. 

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