Trying out Package Pickup Points

May 20, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

The Wall Street Journal's article, "Parcel-Delivery Firms and Retailers Experiment With Package Pickup Points," reports how as online shopping grows, retailers seek new ways to deal with "failed" package deliveries to homes. 

As online shopping becomes more common, parcel-delivery services and retailers plagued by the failed-package-delivery problem are experimenting with ways to eliminate the often inefficient, maddening “last mile” of the supply chain.

In addition, retailers benefit from havings customers come to their store to pick up their packages because they may also purchase convenience items while they are in the store. 

Dropping off packages in bulk at nearby retailers or locker banks greatly improves the economics of delivery.

As a result, UPS, FedEx Corp., and other companies are investing heavily in new systems geared toward getting e-commerce customers to collect their orders anywhere but their homes.