vs. Neopost Postage Meters

Postage That's Easy! Save Time and Money Without All the Steps of Online Postage 

At first glance, online postage may seem like your easiest option. But don’t be fooled—using a postage meter has less steps, more savings, and the ability to print now and pay later. 

At the end of the day can end up costing your business more every month when you add up the inconvenience, extra time spent formatting your printer, and the supplies like a printer, scale, and special labels. 

  • Postage in less than 20 seconds

  • No credit card information

  • No extra printers, papers or supplies needed

  • Rate change protection included

How Neopost Makes Mailing Easier, Not More Complicated


Monthly fee
Neopost: $22.75 $19.99*
Optional dedicated postage label printer
Neopost: Not necessary Starting at $79.99
Weighing platform
Neopost: Integrated Separate, not included
Weighing platform cost
Neopost: Integrated Free (+$9.99 for shipping)
Cost of supplies (ink and labels for 125 envelopes)
Neopost: $6.87 $5.20
"Mail Now, Pay Later" postage advance
Neopost: $700 credit with no charge None
Maximum account/meter postage capacity
Neopost: $1,500 $500 for a single user account
Payment options
Neopost: Choice of credit card or billed Credit card required
Steps for postage application
Neopost: 2 10
Who insures your mail?
Neopost: US Postal Service
= Best Choice

Savings Over = Hours! Apply Postage in Two Steps Not Ten



Send mail in two steps! Just turn on the power button and insert the's that simple. 

  1. Turn the power button on. 
  2. Insert envelope



A complicated, ten-step process to do something as simple as sending a letter costs employees hours.  

  1. Launch application
  2. Login
  3. Select "Mail" 
  4. Enter the lable sheet code
  5. Load label sheet in printer
  6. Select "Print Postage"
  7. Confirm Print
  8. Release the printed label sheet
  9. Peel off the postage label
  10. Apply postage to envelope

Download the complete, printable comparison between and Neopost IS-280

Imagine Yourself with a Neopost Meter

New Neopost Customers Get All the Perks of a Professional Mailroom in One Small Unit 

  • Access to a U.S.-based customer service representative
  • A MyNeopost account with 24/7 access to important information and settings
  • Valuable USPS® discounts on both letters and packages 
  • A best-in-class meter with a built-in 2 or 5 lb. scale for in-office mail and package processing 
  • No change in rates for the first three years and no hidden fees or surcharges

You Can Have Your Mailing—And Ship Too!

Easily add a shipping option and send flats, packages, Priority Mail® and more right from your postage meter with NeoShip. It's an all-in-one solution that takes the guesswork out of outgoing mail and packages. 

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