Folding Machines for Small Businesses

Automatically fold, insert and seal your mail in minutes

Prepare invoices, statements, and any business mail ten times faster with the Neopost folder inserter. Discover the easiest way to ensure that your customer communications have no delays and no mistakes.

  • Fold: four different ways
  • Collate: up to 5 sheets at a time
  • Stuff: 1,350 envelopes an hour!
  • Seal: envelopes automatically, no more licking!

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Features Built to Scale with Your Business

  1. Document Feeders: Two document feeders easily collate separate sheets. 
  2. Insert/BRE Feeder: A special insert feeder allows for the insertion of business reply envelopes or marketing flyers.  
  3. Adjustable Catch Tray: An adjustable catch tray fits a variety of envelope sizes and safely stacks mail. 
  4. Touch Screen Display: The color touch screen makes use easy: Just load your documents and envelopes and let the software guide you. 

A Folding Machine Made Everyone's Job Easier at United Consumer Finance

United Consumer Finance was sending out 2,500 pieces a mail a month and was relying on all employees to spend time folding and stuffing envelopes. Now with the folder inserter they are saving three to five hours of manual labor a week and the employees couldn't be happier. Per John their IT director, "It is a vital piece of equipment here. It makes everyone's job easier." 


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Still using stamps?

Now that you've prepared all that mail ten times faster don't waste that time waiting at the post office. Neopost digital postage meters are easier and cheaper than using stamps and word seamlessly with your folder inserter. Make your job a whole lot easier and get yourself a meter today.

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