The all new Neopost IS-280 iMeter™ postage meter provides the most trouble-free mail processing experience available.


Choose the IS-280 iMeter and receive FREE:


  • $75 Free Supplies
  • Starter Kit ($100 in Supplies)
    • Integrated Scale
    • Fully Filled Ink Cartridge
    • Label Kit


Product Overview


Just 3 of the Benefits You'll Experience When You Choose Neopost:

  1. Process mail in just 2 steps with the simple, low-priced IS-280 iMeter
  2. Always send mail at the lowest costs and save up to 17% with meter-only postal discounts
  3. Save time and gain efficiencies weighing, printing and downloading postage all in one place


*Offer is valid for FedEx Small Business Center customers only. The offer only applies to new Neopost postage meter customers for a one-time use.