You may not have known it, but Certified Mail has come a long way too



Upgrade to the time-saving, digitally traceable, 21st century Certified Mail solution.

If you need assurance and proof that your documents have been both delivered and received, ConnectSuite e-Certify is for you. Preparing your Certified Mail electronically not only saves time and money, e-Certify enables you to easily access delivery information and images of recipient signatures, all of which are stored securely in the cloud. 



Never use one of those green Return Receipt cards again! Instead, use a solution that is...


  • Simple:  preparing Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt is easy and can be done from your desktop
  • USPS® compliant: e-Certify generates the official USPS® Certified Mail barcode
  • Digitally traceable: Centralizes tracking of mail pieces with updated delivery statuses
  • Secure: Captures and stores electronic images of customer signatures securely in the cloud
  • Cost-effective: Save $1.25 on every Certified Mail piece with Return Receipt


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