You may not have known it, but Certified Mail has come a long way



Upgrade to the time-saving, digitally traceable, 21st century Certified Mail solution.

If you need assurance and proof that your documents have been both delivered and received, ConnectSuite e-Certify is for you. Preparing your Certified Mail electronically not only saves time and money, e-Certify enables you to easily access delivery information and images of recipient signatures, all of which are stored securely in the cloud. 



Starting Jan. 27 e-Certify users will save $1.20 every time they mail with a Return Receipt. But that's not all...


  • Simple:  preparing Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt is easy and can be done from your desktop
  • USPS® compliant: e-Certify generates the official USPS® Certified Mail barcode
  • Digitally traceable: Centralizes tracking of mail pieces with updated delivery statuses
  • Secure: Captures and stores electronic images of customer signatures securely in the cloud
  • Cost-effective: Starting January 27 save $1.20 on every Certified Mail piece with Return Receipt


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