DS-35 Folder Inserter

Fold, Stuff, and Seal Letters with One Easy Button

As your to-do list grows longer, so does the strain that folding, sorting, stuffing, and sealing envelopes puts on your time and the productivty of your employees. Hours spent preparing mail is a thing of the past with a folding machine. The DS-35 is perfect for any small business regularly sending out folded mail, such as invoices, statements, marketing mail, and legal documents.  


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Three simple steps to increase mail prep productivity tenfold!

1. Load 

Whether you are mailing a few invoices or hundreds of statements, your folding machine can handle it. 

2. Press Start

With documents loaded into the machine, simply press the start button. Yep, it's that easy!

3. Relax

This time is yours! The DS-35 processes 1,350 letters and hour, so you can actually take that lunch!  


With a folder inserter you can...

  • Process letters and legal-sized envelopes—even BREs

  • Speed up your document processing and delivery by ten!

  • Enjoy more time for valuable tasks on your to-do list

  • Prevent the paper pile-up! Easily process 10 or even 1,000 mail pieces at a time.


Is a folder inserter cost effective? 


Absolutely! When compared to labor costs which can run thousands more, a folding machine is a great investment.

Are folder inserters difficult to maintain? 


Not at all! Your local service representative is available in person or on the phone for any issues.


DS-35 Folder Inserter At-A-Glance



Special Insert Feeder

A special feeder allows you to insert BREs and marketing flyers.


Multiple Document Feeders

No more manually stuffing multi-page documents. With two document feeders up to five pages can be inserted at once.



Adjustable Catch Tray

Your mail is always perfectly stacked in the catch tray. So go ahead—grab that coffee!


Easy Touch Screen

Regular mail runs have never been easier with stored settings. One touch and your job is done!


Process More Mail for Less
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