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NeoShip - IMpb® compliant shipping labels, fast and easy.

NeoShip is a simple online shipping solution that works in conjunction with Neopost postage meters. With NeoShip you can create an IMpb compliant shipping label in four easy steps, and pay for it directly out of your existing neoFunds account. Shipping packages has never been so easy.



You’ve been shipping for years. So what's the big deal about Neoship?

Designed for small and mid-sized businesses who ship 50 packages or less per week, NeoShip will save you time and money every time you use it.

  • Take advantage of Commercial Base Pricing on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express® when you use NeoShip. Never pay retail rates again.
  • Track every shipment using the USPS®  new tracking system. 
  • Avoid higher prices and confusing rate schedules with other carriers.
  • Consolidate payment and reporting in one place.
  • Apply insurance on Priority Mail (up to a $50 value) for free.
  • Ensure "Ship To" Addresses are up-to-date with free Address Correction.
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The USPS® seriously upgraded their shipping services. Take advantage of it with NeoShip.

We were already utilizing folder/inserter and metering machines from Neopost, so integrating the software solution was simple. With Neopost as our partner, we now have a group of invoices that we qualify for savings. This means that 100% of the savings are ours, as opposed to sharing the savings with a vendor.
— Roger Hanks, Manager of accounts payable and imaging for Lumber Products

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