Answers to Common Postal Questions

April 24, 2015
Author: Judy Wolf

The following summarizes answers to the most frequently asked questions about Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.


Q: What is Priority Mail?
A: Priority Mail is First-Class Mail that weighs more than 13 oz. and less than 70 lbs.
Anything that can be mailed by air transportation can be sent as Priority Mail.
Some things MUST be mailed as Priority Mail (or First-Class Mail), including:

  • Handwritten or typewritten material.
  • Bills, statements of account or invoices, credit cards.
  • Personal correspondence (a letter to Grandma), personalized business correspondence (a handwritten letter to your customer).
  • All mail that is sealed or otherwise closed against inspection.

Q: What are the advantages of Priority Mail?
A: These are just a few:

  • 2–3 day delivery, including Saturday and residential at no extra cost.
  • No charge for supplies, boxes, envelopes and no fuel surcharge.
  • Delivery confirmation included when using a meter with an online shipping solution.
  • Benefits for Thursday, Friday shipments because Saturday is a regular business delivery day for the USPS without extra charges..
  • Flat Rate boxes – No weighing or calculating needed up to 70 lbs. Flat Rate offers one rate to any state.