Stamped vs.

Metered Mail

Say Goodbye to Overspending and Trips to the Post Office

Drive to the Post Office and wait in line—all to pay full price on letters and packages? Not only is it easier and more convenient for businesses to mail right from the office, it has also become significantly cheaper than using traditional stamps.   

Postage meter users have access to valuable discounts, like saving 9% on each letter they send and up to 40% on Priority Mail® shipments.

  • Apply postage in less than 20 seconds

  • Have the correct amount of postage right at your fingertips

  • Save 5 cents on every mail piece you send

  • Personalize your mail to include your logo, slogans, and other graphics

Metered Mail Using a Postage Machine Helps You Save


Monthly fee
Neopost: $19.75
Stamps: $22.50 (time at post office x staff's hourly wage)
Time spent to visit the Post Office (two visits per month)
Neopost: 0
Stamps: 90 minutes*
Cost of administrative staff
Neopost: Minimal
Stamps: $15.00 per hour
Cost of business owner
Neopost: Minimal
Stamps: Too much!
Discounts on First-Class Mail
Neopost: Save 9% on each letter, only pay $0.50 for letters up to 1 oz.
Stamps: Pay full price! $0.55 for letters up to 1 oz.
Discounts on USPS Priority Mail using NeoShip
Neopost: Save up to 40%
Stamps: None
= Best Choice

Savings Over Stamps = 9% on Letters, Up to 40% on Packages




Calculate the Right Postage

Every letter, flat, and package is weighed for exact postage with a meter, so you don't overspend on stamped mail.



Mail Now, Pay Later

Get postage when you need it with credit up to $700 that is available with no additional charge. 



Track and Save on Shipments

Add NeoShip to your postage meter to ship packages at a lower rate and get advanced shipment tracking. 

Download the complete, printable comparison between stamped and metered mail.

Imagine Yourself with a Neopost Meter

New Neopost Customers Get All the Perks! 

  • Access to a U.S.-based customer service representative
  • A MyNeopost account with 24/7 access to important information and settings
  • Valuable USPS® discounts on both letters and packages 
  • A best-in-class meter with a built-in 2 or 5 lb. scale for in-office mail and package processing 
  • No change in rates for the first three years and no hidden fees or surcharges

You Can Have Your Mailing—And Ship Too!

Easily add a shipping option and send flats, packages, Priority Mail® and more right from your postage meter with NeoShip. It's an all-in-one solution that takes the guesswork out of outgoing mail and packages. 

Add Shipping 

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Without the right tools, mailing and shipping can cost time, money and resources. See what solutions are available to help you get mailing and shipping done faster, at the highest quality level and within your budget.

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