The 2019 USPS Rate Guide


It's the biggest USPS rate increase in history! From First-Class to Priority Mail®, our guide outlines the new rates in one place, so you'll always have a comparison at your fingertips. Hang the guide by your postage meter and catch the attention of everyone who sends mail and packages from your office. It's an easy reference that's designed to promote comparison and savings!

Get up-to-date, essential information on the services you use most, including Certified Mail® and parcel tracking.

Our USPS® Postal Rate Guide also includes essential tips on how your business can save on mailing and shipping all year long...

  • Use a postage meter, and save 5 cents on every First-Class letter.

  • Take advantage of Commercial Based Pricing discounts and save up to 40% on Priority Mail®.

  • Consider downsizing to take advantage of shape-based pricing.

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