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Upgrade the Tedious and Costly Process of Sending Certified Mail® 

You don't have thirty minutes to fill out a Certified Mail form, seal it and then take it to the Post Office. There is a better option: You can use e-Certify! With e-Certify you can address and print Certified Mail with Return Receipt labels from your computer—and get up to 43% savings!

  • Address and print Certified Mail labels right from your desktop

  • Save up to 43% on Return Receipt costs with electronic Return Receipts

  • Track Certified Mail online and receive delivery updates every step of the way

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Skip the Post Office


Create and track Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipt from a desktop


Access Discounts


Save 43% on every Certified Mail piece with Return Receipt you send


100% USPS® Compliant


e-Certify generates the official USPS® Certified Mail barcode

e-Certify Makes It Easy & Fast to Send Certified Mail Online

The Top 3 Benefits to Switching: 

  • Less expensive than sending traditional Certified Mail, you save $1.20 on every Return Receipt
  • No more guessing about the location of your Certified Mail, every piece is tracked and updated online
  • Store and easily access electronic images of customer signatures' securely in the cloud


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