NeoShip PLUS Makes Shipping Easier Than Ever

May 4, 2016
Author: Renee Bingling

More than one million packages were shipped last year using NeoShip technology. Already a simple, powerful tool, enhanced benefits make NeoShip PLUS the go-to solution for all of your shipping requirements.

Check out the features that come with NeoShip PLUS:

  • Eliminates the need for manual address entry: Import address with a simple “drag and click” feature.
  • Integrates USB scales: Connect your scale to your NeoShip PLUS software to streamline shipping; couple your scale with your thermal label printer to easily produce address labels.
  • Manages proof of delivery: Easily download, print, email and store USPS Proof of Delivery with tracking number, time and date, address, and signature.
  • Assigns user roles and privileges: Control each user’s level of access to ensure confidentiality and security.

Easy-to-use upgrade kits, training, and support make transitioning to NeoShip PLUS a simple and quick process. Competitive pricing makes it a smart, cost-saving change.

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Start taking advantage of NeoShip PLUS benefits today. Check out the NeoShip brochure to learn more about NeoShip PLUS enhanced benefits or call Neopost today at 1.877.888.0677