US Senate Committee Focuses on "Innovative" Ideas for Rejuvenating US Postal Service

May 14, 2015
Author: Bill Bonato

A panel of key stakeholders gave their views on the “challenges and opportunities facing the US Postal Service in the digital age” at a briefing convened on Tuesday (May 12) by Senator Tom Carper, the ranking member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Jim Cochrane, who was the USPS Chief Information Officer before assuming his new role as Acting Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at the start of this month, said that the Postal Service must find the best way to “use data” to understand its customers and respond to their needs.

Summing up the evidence given at the hearing, Senator Carper commented: “The Postal Service needs freedom and flexibility to grow through innovation and explore additional ways to make money in the digital age by leveraging its unique 200-year-old distribution network. As we learned during today’s discussion, that opportunity can only come through comprehensive reform from Congress.”

The briefing on Tuesday was the second in a series of three. A third roundtable, which will focus on rural postal issues, is planned for Tuesday (May 19).