Why Every Office Should Have a Postage Meter

July 20, 2015
Author: Katie Conigliaro

When it comes to mailing, there is no greater productivity aid than a postage meter. As well as giving access to postal discounts for stamped mail, a postage meter reduces the time it takes to get the mail out of the door and on its way to your customers.

Postage meters automate several key steps in a logical, linear sequence that is considerably faster and more accurate than disjointed manual processes, including weighing, stamping and sealing envelopes.

With fully integrated USPS pricing, postage meters automatically calculate the right postage from the weight and size of the item and the postal service selected.

Modern machines feature all the time-saving features of digital technology including:

• Touch-screen displays

• One-touch access to saved settings for regular jobs

• Network connectivity for remote management

• Detailed accounting and usage reports

The more mail a business sends out, the greater the efficiency savings. Even businesses with low mail volumes can save time and effort with postage meters. There is no need to wait in line at a Post Office to buy stamps, as postage meters can be re-credited with postage online 24/7; and for easy management, network connectivity allows remote maintenance, online supplies ordering, and automatic postage rate updates.