May 1, 2015

Why USPS Cost-Cutting Doesn't Always Make Sense

Author: Judy Wolf

The USPS has plans to install curbside and cluster mailboxes in neighborhoods as a cost saving measure.  A report from the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) shows consumers do not like the idea. 

If your mail delivery was moved to a locked box, how would you react?

The OIG, working with InfoTrends, surveyed 5,000 households across the country. The survey found that among the recipients that did not already have a cluster box, a majority would be displeased if their mail receptacle were changed to a locked cluster box.

Specifically, the survey found most customers (63.3 percent) who currently do not have cluster box delivery say they would be displeased if their delivery was moved to a cluster box, and only 17.2 percent indicate they would be pleased by such a move. For more, click here


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