Blog: Shipping

Major Shippers Increase Large Packages’ Surcharge

May 18, 2016
Author: Renee Bingling

Following FedEx’s announcement that it will lower the large package size threshold for its handling surcharges; UPS has now stated that it will follow suit. What this means is that come June, you can expect an extra charge of $10.50 on packages with the longest side exceeding 48 inches, instead...

NeoShip PLUS Makes Shipping Easier Than Ever

May 4, 2016
Author: Renee Bingling

More than one million packages were shipped last year using NeoShip technology. Already a simple, powerful tool, enhanced benefits make NeoShip PLUS the go-to solution for all of your shipping requirements.

Check out the features that come with NeoShip PLUS:

  • Eliminates the need for manual...

Delivery Point Validation (DPV) – The USPS® is Serious about Address Quality

April 11, 2016
Author: Katie Conigliaro

The USPS® is implementing new Delivery Point standards that will require all packages to include a complete, electronically validated address in order to ensure the accuracy of delivery addresses. Any package that isn’t DPV verified will be stuck with a $0.20 fine. These new requirements go into...

Top Five Ways (and more) to Gain Control of Your Shipping Costs

March 31, 2016
Author: Bill Bonato

Shipping costs can take a big bite out of a small business budget. In fact, for most companies, depending on their industry, the shipping budget typically represents anywhere from 3% to 7% of total revenue. The good news is there are many ways to cut costs, from renegotiating your carrier...

Neopost Featured by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

March 21, 2016
Author: Katie Conigliaro

Neopost USA is honored to be a featured corporate member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Here's what they asked us and what we had to say!  

What is your company all about?

Neopost USA® guides and supports organizations in how they send and receive communications and...

USPS® Delivers First Quarter Profit

February 22, 2016
Author: Bill Bonato

Driven by a strong 2015 holiday shipping season which saw shipping and package revenue increase by 13.5%, the U.S. Postal Service reported a $307 million profit between October and December of 2015, as compared to a $754 million loss the previous year. But, postal officials cautioned at a press...

Amazon® and USPS® Negotiate Strategic Deal that Benefits Online Sellers

January 25, 2016
Author: Judy Wolf

The average USPS Priority Mail® rates increased by 9.8% on January 17 for everyone except online sellers who use Amazon Shipping Services. The recently negotiated deal between Amazon and USPS means that for now, any sellers that use Amazon’s shipping services will still pay the 2015 Priority...

USPS® January Rate Change Impacts Shipping

January 25, 2016
Author: Judy Wolf

Neopost USA held a webinar sharing details on all you need to know to be sure your business was ready for the January 2016 rate change. Here are the key take-aways: 

  • The average shipping service price increased 9.5%
  • The average rate increase for Priority Mail products was 9.8%
  • The average...