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Gain access to exclusive discounts just by using a Postage Meter


The USPS wants to reward businesses for using services that help them run more efficiently. One the ways they do this is by offering postage meter users access to a variety of discounts, as well as other opportunities to save on mailing and shipping.

  • Access to Commercial Base Pricing for Priority Mail® and Priority Express Mail® in conjunction with NeoShip.
  • Electronic rate discounts on select eServices™.
  • Automatic postage discounts on First-Class™ letters. Save 3 cents per letter  just by using a Neopost iMeter™ Digital Postage Meter. That's 47¢ for a 1oz. letter. The savings add up each month.
  • Waive the "Known Mailer 2lb. Package" rule. No need to go to the post office for large packages anymore.
  • Save on gas... no more driving to the post office.
  • Track postal expenses. No more lost or missing stamps.
  • Save time and aggravation. Did we mention no more trips to the post office?

Why pay more for mailing and shipping than you have to? The savings add up quickly. 

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USPS Rate Guide

Updated for the September 2017 rate increase. Have the latest rates right at your fingertips.